Christmas Wishlist

While I originally published this list with the intent to help gift-givers during the Christmas season, I've found that I enjoy having it as a reference for myself. Feel free to use it throughout the year if you want to buy me a present that I'm assured to like. I am sure there are many things I would enjoy which are not on this list, so please be creative with your gift-giving.

This list should reflect my current wishes, and I intend to keep it up to date regarding purchases and changes in taste. Check back regularly!

This list is divided into groups of items. The items within each group are arranged in a vague order of preference. Each item has a brief description and may be a link to a place that you can buy it online, or get more information. A lot of the things on this list can also be purchased at area stores.

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The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time ($40 hardcover)
The companion volume to a beautiful and detailed fantasy series, which I am slowly collecting in hardcover.
The Practice of Programming ($25 paperback)
This slender little book discusses computer programming style and the philosophy of writing good code.
Atlas Shrugged ($40 hardcover)
This is a beautiful novel which exemplifies a philosophy I hold very dearly.
The Soulforge ($24 harcover)
Back in that awkward time of adolescense, which few remember fondly, I spent most of my time reading. I threw myself into fantastical books, coming up only for meals and studying. Oddly enough, however, of all the incredible classical books I read, the set of books that had the most wide-reaching affects on my life were the Dragonlance Saga. Recently, I've met a young man named Daylon, who has reminded me of this long forgotten world, and the treasures and memories it holds for me. This book, a hardcover volume about one of my favorite characters, is one of those things I might take down from the shelf to remember my pubescent days, the same way I'll pull Winnie-the-Pooh down to recall childhood adventures.
User Friendly: The Comic Strip ($13 each paperback)
This is the first of the two collections of the User Friendly comic strip. It's a hilarious picture of the trials of being a geek. It's companion volume, Evil Geniuses in a Nutshell is also essential for the collection.
The New Hacker's Dictionary ($20 paperback)
This is the resource for geekly terminology.


Right now, I only have a VCR, so all videos should be purchased for me in VHS format.

Clue ($15)
A quirky, campy film based loosely on the famous Parker Brothers board game. It sports a stellar cast and constant laughs.
American Beauty ($25)
This incredible movie, which won Best Picture at the 2000 Academy Awards, takes a look at the dysfunctional underside to American suburbia. It takes a good look at homosexuality, adultery, drugs, and what it means to be an "adult".
GalaxyQuest ($20)
While I've never been a hardcore trekkie, I grew up with a crush on Spock and a firm grasp of the interacial struggles which beseiged Worf. I think very highly of this show, and GalaxyQuest is a wonderful romp in that world of fandom, full of inside jokes and hilarious observations.
The 10th Kingdom ($30)
This video is the full version of a Hallmark fantasy miniseries. Despite some silliness thrown in for general appeal, it has an epic plot with neat characters and one mention of "succulent breasts". (As a side note, I've seen this for $13 at Wal-Mart.)


This year, the list of music I want if very long. Mostly, that's because I've had the opportunity to hear a lot of wonderful new (to me) bands and styles of music in the company of some of my friends.

The prices sited, as well as my preferences, refer to CDs, not tapes.

Acappella, by Todd Rundgren ($12)
This is a beautiful collection of vocals, with varying musical styles.
Titan A.E. Soundtrack ($18)
Instead of the classical score that most science fiction dramas tend toward, Titan A.E. used a mix of different pop styles. The end result is a mix of beautiful music, all with a space theme. ;)
Stunt, by Barenaked Ladies ($18)
A must have for every collection. Full of wonderful sing-a-long songs.
Trampoline, by The Mavericks ($12)
This is an absolutely stunning album full of lulling vocals and old fashioned songs which still have an upbeat air.
Flood, by They Might Be Giants ($18)
Flood is one of the more well-known albums from this group. The music of They Might Be Giants consists mostly of meaningless lyrics and melodies that are designed to stick in your head.
South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut ($18)
On top of this movie being absolutely hilarious and intelligent, it included an incredible soudtrack, both bringing out the best and being a horrible parody of animated musicals.
Give Up the Funk, the best of Parliament ($18)
Every now and then, I suprise myself by falling in love with a new and strange style of music, like Pink Floyd's acid rock, and more recently Parliament's funk. This is a "best of" collection of Parliament, and something sorely needed in my music collection.

Games, Computer

Most of the computer games I'm asking for are rather expensive. The reason for that is because I'll undoubtedly pick up anything cheaper as soon as I run across it.

These games should all be purchased for the PC.

The Sims ($40) and the Expansion Pack ($30)
This combination currently respresents the "hot" sim game of the year. It's no good having one without the other, though.
Diablo II ($40)
The basic premise of this game is to hunt down and kill Satan, so naturally it includes lots of death and gore. A fun game to play when I'm feeling violent.
Crimson Skies ($40)
This is a basic flight simulation set in an interesting alternate WWII timeline.

Games of the More Physical Variety

Terrace ($25)
Terrace is a delightfully fun strategy game, which is best known for being featured in the lounge of the Star Trek Enterprise.
Chrononauts ($20)
Chrononauts is a neat little time-travel card game made by the wonderful people at Looney Labs.
Overthrone ($16)
A cute little card game that takes place in the time period of the three musketeers.

Pretty Things

Sometimes the very hedonistic part of me wants to be surrounded by pretty things, whether they be clothing, ornaments, or something a little more useful. But the definition of what is pretty can be a little hard to come by, and varies between people. I've included a few things here that I find pretty, so that you may be able to see my preferences. I'd like to encourage you to consider a gift which reflects both you and I.

If you're doing your shopping online, I've found a few stores on the net that I can wholly recommend as merchants of very pretty things. I recommend browsing at both the Boston Museum of Fine Art's Gift Shop and Red Envelope Gifts.

Stationary Set
I love writing and receiving letters, but I've experienced a lull in my life where I've had no one to write to. Soon, though, I'll be out exploring the world and writing to all the wonderful people I care so much about. This stationary set is a perfect example of the elegance, simplicity and style I find attractive.
Hepburn Tiara ($95)
This beautiful tiara is crafted from Swarovski crystals and Austrian rhinestones. It has an elegance, grace, and style that I find very alluring.
Bath and Spa Gifts
Taking a bath is an important luxury for me, and I greatly relish combining a hot bath with oils or salts to help me relax. While these kits may run on the expensive side, they're definitely worth it after a long, stressful day. A few ideas from an online shop are the Turkish Spa, Japanese Body and Soul Bath Kit, or the Deluxe Provencal Spa Set.
Landscape with Two Breton Women Framed Print ($125)
The original painting, by Paul Gauguin (French 1848-1903) is housed in The Boston Museum of Fine Art's Art of Europe Collection. This framed print is alive with autumn hues.
Candles and Incense
I very much enjoy candles and incense. Again, these are mostly a matter of personal taste, but as long as they smell nice I'd be hard pressed not to like them. Here are a few candles I do like, though: Rose Petal Candles, Fall Botanical Candles, and Silver Travel Candle all from Red Envelope Gifts.
Chinese Calligraphy Set ($20)
While this is a beautiful set, it's a hobby I'll probably never take up. That doesn't mean I don't want it, though, just in case I ever get the time.
I like jewelry, although I don't often wear it. My tastes are hard to define, but I tend to like delicate and intricate small things. My ears are pierced, but I don't like heavy earrings. My ring size is 6. A bracelet longer than 7.5" will probably fall off my wrist. I almost always prefer silver jewelry, but I'll occasionally enjoy a silver/gold mix.
I generally don't like getting clothing as a gift. My tastes are peculiar to me, and I usually find that other people don't understand my refusal to wear synthetic fabric. However, if you're bent and determined, I wear a size 10, or a medium in fitted clothing, although I often prefer large and baggy things. If you'd like to get me the gift of clothing, consider a gift certificate from Two on Crescent. This is a wonderful shop located in Asheville, North Carolina. I can almost inevitably find beautiful clothes there. The clothing they have is made out of natural fabrics (yay!) and sports earthy tones.