Mirlie and Lea

LadyMirl was a role-playing character of mine whom I played mostly on America Online.

She lived in the realm of RhyDin and was an important part of my life, being an intricate and detailed mirror of myself and what I wanted for myself. You can find information about her appearance and status in her current profile or look at a very old profile I dug up from ancient records, to see what she was like when I first created her.

Through Mirl I met and enjoyed a wonderful community of people who will always have a warm place in my heart. Indeed, it's mostly for the sake of those people that this page is dedicated to Mirl; I would love the opportunity to get in touch with some long lost friends.

Mirl's history is long and complicated. I spent hours and hours writing rich stories full of the details of Mirl's past life, and even longer writing about her daily existence for the message board I ran with my friend Joe, "Tales of the Glade". Unfortunately, almost all of that writing was lost in one of two hard drive crashes. Eventually I hope to go through my sporadic back-ups and see if I can retrieve any writings or old logs. I'd also like to write up a summary of her life, which is a very daunting task. One day.

In the meantime, I'll note a few important facts about her here. Mirl is half-fairie, half-human, and part kender. She was bonded to Ylliana Lokkbreaker before coming to RhyDin. In RhyDin, she joined the DarkHunters guild, married Merikus Marquisto, and met a wonderful woman named Lea. She bore Merikus a child named Llythenyea and adopted four other young children, Jasray, Elissa, Collin, and Stephen. Sometime in that period Mirl spent a lot of time in Arangoth and mostly hated it. The DarkHunters Guild broke up, and a few years later so did Merikus and Mirl. Mirl worked to become a Warden of Loreil, but things got hectic during that time in my life, and she put her apprenticeship on hiatus.

Now, Mirl lives in her estate of WatyrCrystal, right outside of RhyDin. She takes care of the four children, and is visited by Llythenyea or her old pal Shad every now and then. More rarely, she goes out to walk about RhyDin, stopping in the bars to take in the atmosphere and few glasses of unicorn water.

Hope Larson is the official Mirl artist. She has done numerous versions of Mirl in very different mediums and forms, and I've had the opportunity to see her artstyle mature and progress through the faces of Mirl. I only have a partial series of Mirl by Hope, unfortunately. I'll try to update the archive as I come across more stuff, even (probably to Hope's dismay) the bad stuff.

In the meantime, if you remember Mirl, or would like to know more about her, please email me at marcella@eldritch.org.

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