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This is a web interface for Torben Æ. Mogensen's planet generator. Torben offers downloads of the generator for offline use as well as his own web interface which is likely of better quality.

The output is converted to a PNG via pnmtopng, and then base64 encoded by John Walker's base64 utility. Originaly, there were problems getting Internet Explorer read the embedded inline PNG, but I've not checked recently with newer versions. It should work with Firefox, at least.

Depending on the dimensions, it make take a moment or two to generate the image. A missing or illegal seed value will be replaced with a random one. Any other missing or illegal values will be replaced by default values. An interface to the "find similar" option is not yet implemented. (and probably never will be! ;)

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planet -s 0.866133 -w 320 -h 200 -pm -m 1 -i -0.015 -V 0.13 -v 0.9 -l 0 -L 0 -g 0 -G 0 -P -C ./planetcolors/Olsson.col | pnmtopng >Planet0.866133.png

Planet 0.866133

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