The Noble Houses

The twelve noble human houses, and their status, as of 149 AC.
House Andes
Lord Eric and Lady Margaret (deceased)
White adorned with Cyan

Lost to the Cataclysm
House Andes, coat of arms
House Arkan
Lord Marcus and Lady Janet
Red adorned with White
House Arkan, coat of arms
House Chancery
Lord Brian and Lady Elanor (whereabouts unknown)
Cyan adorned with Blue

Recently lost to the goblinkin
House Chancery, coat of arms
House Corsiva
Lord Gregory and Lady Ver
Blue adorned with Yellow
House Corsiva, coat of arms
House Garamond
Lord Warren and Lady Kyra
Green adorned with Orange
House Garamond, coat of arms
House Kaer
Lord Vincent and Lady Coleen
Grey adorned with Purple
House Kaer, coat of arms
House Lucidia
Lord Alex and Lady Sheryl
Yellow adorned with Black
House Lucidia, coat of arms
House Mariah
Lady Teresa (deceased)
Magenta adorned with Grey

Lost to the Cataclysm
House Mariah, coat of arms
House Tahoma
Lord Randall
Orange adorned with Brown
House Tahoma, coat of arms
House Tristan
Lord Kevin and Lady Cory (unreachable)
Brown adorned with Magenta

Currently in Political Upheaval
House Tristan, coat of arms
House Umbra
Lord Nicholas and Lady Gail
Black adorned with Red
House Umbra, coat of arms
House Verdana
Lord Aaron and Lady Tabitha
Purple adorned with Green
House Verdana, coat of arms

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